Transformation through partnership: 

A year in review

Osler has had a transformational year.

From accelerating the renewal and redevelopment of our three hospitals to forming a unique cross-sector partnership with health care leaders across our region, we’re closer than ever to achieving our Vision: patient-inspired health care without boundaries.

As Ontario’s largest community hospital system, Osler serves over 1.3 million people living in one of the fastest growing and most culturally diverse regions of Canada.

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Brampton Civic Hospital is a busy full-service community hospital that also offers specialized services like around-the-clock access to treatment for patients experiencing STEMI heart attacks.


We’re among the top performers in Ontario for our EMS STEMI times, achieving the 90 minute time-to-treatment benchmark up to 95 per cent of the time when patients arrive by ambulance.

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Etobicoke General Hospital is a full-service community hospital and a ‘first-responder’ to medical situations at Toronto Pearson International Airport.


It’s currently undergoing a multi-million dollar expansion that will add more than 250,000 square feet of space to support state-of-the-art patient care.

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In less than two years, the new Peel Memorial Centre for Integrated Health and Wellness will bring many different health care providers together under one roof for a truly unique patient experience.

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Osler is home to the busiest ED in Canada and one of the largest Labour and Delivery programs in the Greater Toronto Area.

But that’s not all…

Last year, more than 725,000 patients came to Osler
for care. This includes 458,800 outpatient appointments, more than 210,600 visits to our EDs and over 55,500 patient admissions.

If we include the 326,000 diagnostic imaging and 4.3 million laboratory tests conducted last year, that adds up to more than 5.3 million patient interactions at Osler
in a single year.

We welcomed more than 7,400 new babies last year.
This averages out to more than 20 babies born
every single day.

Patient volumes and admissions in the ED increased by six per cent over the holiday season.

This might not seem like a lot but in the span of just two weeks we saw 8,800 patients in our EDs and admitted more than 1,000 patients for acute care.

Transforming health care
through partnership

As we near the half-way point of our five-year Strategic Plan, we’re making dramatic changes to the way health care is delivered in the Central West region.

By creating partnerships at the system level, and with those providing care in the community, we’re elevating the patient experience at all touch points throughout the health care journey so we can continue to provide patient-inspired health care without boundaries.

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Better care together

We’ve had a monumental year at Osler as we continued to meet the needs of the community while encountering growing patient volumes and more complex health needs.

See how we’re redesigning our programs and services to meet the needs of patients during a year of record-setting patient volumes.

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Leading the way forward

Osler, Headwaters Health Care Centre (Headwaters) and Central West Community Care Access Centre (CCAC) are working together in a brand new way and it will help change the way health care is delivered in
our region.

See how our new leadership structure is allowing us to pool our collective resources and expertise to create a health care system that improves our combined ability to meet the health care needs of our community.

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Strategic partnerships are putting patients and families first

Our dynamic new cross-sector partnership is the first of its kind in Ontario and will help us put patients and families first by finding new and better ways of working together to create an integrated, patient-centric health care system.

We’ve already taken steps to change our approach to regional planning.

  • Our new Strategic Partnership Committee is helping us find new opportunities for greater collaboration and better cooperation to create a seamless patient experience across the region.
  • For the first time, all three organizations worked together to create our Quality Improvement Plans (QIPs) and Annual Business Plans (ABPs).
  • We’re monitoring our shared goals using a set of common metrics that represent the system-wide patient journey, which highlight ways we can work better together.
  • A collective approach to planning helped Osler, Headwaters and the Central West CCAC manage the patient surge during the exceptionally busy holiday season. Learn More
  • With Headwaters, the Central West CCAC and the Central West LHIN, we have committed to dramatically transforming and improving the patient experience for those living with life-limiting illnesses through a joint palliative and end-of-life “pledge.” Learn More

Great health care is about more than diagnosis
and treatment

This year we continued to focus on creating health services with an unwavering commitment to patient-inspired care through improvements to the patient experience.

  • We expanded our call centre to have a regional focus by contacting inpatients from Headwaters and a small segment of clients from Central West CCAC after discharge. This gives us a ‘big picture’ on each patient’s entire journey through the health system and helps us plan things we can do to make the experience better.
  • We’re hiring a cross-appointed Chief Patient Experience Officer to help us achieve the right balance of exemplary technical skills and business practices with the comfort and compassion that elevates the patient’s experience from good to great.
  • We began an ED patient experience advisor program to help patients better understand the triage process and navigate this area of the hospital.

A regional approach to excellent care.

What does the patient journey look like in the Central West region? See how Mary-Ellen McBride navigates the health care system with help from Osler, Headwaters and the Central West CCAC.

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It's not about dying, it's about living well.

Larry Ouimet came to Brampton Civic with stage four prostate cancer and was told he had just five days to live. After receiving expert care, now he's back at work with a new lease on life.

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Exceptional care, every time.

When Sharon Hale left the Dominican Republic she wasn't feeling well, but didn't realize how serious her condition was. Upon landing, she had a seizure on the aircraft and was brought to Etobicoke General.

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Innovation is helping us drive better patient care

What can we do better? It’s a question we never stop asking as we seek better, more sustainable ways to deliver great health care to
our community.

We’re happy to report that, across Osler, intense curiosity and a passion for innovation are leading to some remarkable accomplishments.

  • We've created a Vascular and Endovascular Centre of Excellence that will provide access to leading-edge, life-saving surgical procedures so high-risk patients will have access to more effective, safer and world-class surgical options closer to home. Learn More
  • Our highly-anticipated Musculoskeletal (MSK) Program, and MSK Centre of Excellence, launched at both sites to provide adult patients with back and joint pain with more diagnostic, surgical and rehabilitation support. Learn More
  • Our Automated Early Warning Information System (AEGIS) is improving patient monitoring and response times using mobile technology. This system monitors the vital signs and test results to accurately predict patients at risk of getting sicker on surgical inpatient units at both sites.
  • Our expanded Geriatric Telemedicine Program links Osler geriatricians with health care providers in long-term care facilities using virtual technology provided by Ontario Telemedicine Network (OTN) to support patients in a familiar environment. Learn More

We’re transforming the way we work

It’s time to break down the boundaries between our hospitals and community based care services.

We are helping to create a health care system that is easier to access, understand, and navigate; a system that puts patients first.

  • By co-leading two of Ontario’s Health Links, we’re enabling integrated health care teams in the community to develop coordinated care plans for more than 500 patients with complex health care needs.
  • Collaboration has brought access to Osler’s high-quality kidney care experts closer to home for Headwaters dialysis patients. Plus, a new 36-station satellite dialysis centre is being planned as part of the renewal and expansion at Etobicoke General, which will bring much needed dialysis care to the local community. Learn More
  • As we shift our focus from avoidable ED visits to scheduled outpatient care, we’ve reviewed over 100 of our ambulatory care programs to ensure we are delivering the types of outpatient services our communities need the most while helping to reduce the need for emergency visits and hospital stays.

Going beyond borders

The skills and passion of our staff, physicians and volunteers compel us to reach beyond our borders to share our wealth of knowledge but also to learn from others.

Whether within Ontario, across Canada, or halfway around the world, we want to make a difference.

  • Our Integrated Care Coodinator pilot at Etobicoke General is blending the roles of hospital discharge planners and CCAC care coordinators to provide patients with more seamless care as they move from hospital to home.
  • We created a Global Health program that is taking us to India in search of opportunities to learn about how health care delivered in the homelands of our local citizens and apply these insights to patient care here in our community. Learn More
  • Osler is part of a pioneering study to discover how alternative treatments can be coupled with traditional medical approaches for people who have Type 2 diabetes, which has the potential to improve the quality of life for patients in our community and around the world. Learn More

Through our ambitious redevelopment plans, Osler is building the foundation for health care now and in the future with renewal and renovation projects at all three sites.

After years of planning we reached an exciting milestone by beginning construction on the new
Peel Memorial.

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We reached new milestones in the renewal and expansion of Etobicoke General where we sought out companies to build our new four-storey wing and Ancillary Service Building.

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We’re reconfiguring and upgrading our clinical spaces at Brampton Civic to improve the
patient experience.

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Osler is being recognized across the country for our unique approaches to providing health care in the communities we serve.

We were named one of Greater Toronto’s Top Employers for the fifth year in a row.

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We're proud to be one of Canada’s Top Diversity Employers for the third straight year.

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We're excited to be honoured, with our partners, by the OHA’s Governance Centre of Excellence.

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With more than 6,000 staff, physicians and volunteers it’s no wonder Osler boasts a long list of achievements. Here’s a snapshot of how we performed this year.

Ontario’s Minister of Health announced support for a new satellite dialysis centre at Etobicoke General.

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We collected 650 umbilical cord blood donations at Brampton Civic for stem cell treatments.

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We put Osler in the hands of our patients with HosNav, our first-ever mobile app for Apple devices.

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We’re using health care technology in innovative new ways to deliver patient care.

Telehomecare helped significantly reduce hospital admissions and emergency department visits for patients enrolled in the program.

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A computer-generated Medication Administration Record (cMAR) is helping to reduce errors and improve patient safety.

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We're reducing length of stay (LOS), increasing bed turnover, and improving patient flow with a new electronic system from Medworxx.

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Our clinical programs were front and centre as we continued to focus on the patient experience.

We’ve sharpened our focus on seniors and worked toward achieving a NICHE Examplar designation at Brampton Civic.

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The IDEAS Advanced Learning Program helped our orthopaedic surgery units reach LOS targets for hip replacement patients.

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We've opened outpatient palliative care clinics at both sites to help patients manage pain and symptoms of life-limiting illness.

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Three cheers for Osler’s volunteers!

At more than 1,100 strong, our volunteers make a significant difference in the lives of staff and patients every day.

Our volunteers come from all walks of life, bringing a wealth of skills and experience, energy and compassion making them such invaluable members of the Osler team.

  • We love our volunteers and show it by hosting an annual recognition event for long-serving volunteers. This year, we were proud to honour seven women who have volunteered at Osler for 50 years! Learn More
  • A highly-trained group of volunteers are an important part of the Hospital Elder Life Program (HELP) that engages elderly patients with mind-sharpening activities to help reduce delirium risk factors. Learn More
  • Our Volunteer and Community Resources team received $5,000 from the Humber College Community Partnership Fund, which allowed us to work with the school’s film and television program to create a series of professional training and orientation videos.

We're always looking for ways to reduce costs and
increase efficiencies.


This year, we worked hard to keep costs in check and closed out the fiscal year with a small surplus.

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At Osler, we believe our community has the right to receive the best quality care and to see that we make the best possible use of public funds. That's why we report details of executive compensation on our website.


It's our commitment to transparency and accountability.

Thanks to the incredible volunteers who make up our Board of Directors, Board Community Committee Representatives and Community Advisory Councils, Osler is on track for success.

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Osler Foundation had a record-setting year that raised
$8 million through the generosity of our donors, community partners, corporate sponsors and
staff supporters.

Orlando Corporation pledged up to $15 million in matching funds in the largest gift made to a community hospital in Canada.

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Our spectacular signature events raised more than $1.4 million to support Osler’s three hospitals.

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Muslim Friends of Osler and Amigos Portugueses do Peel Memorial each completed $1 million pledges!

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In 2014-15, we were reminded of the power of partnerships and we've only just begun to explore the possibilities.

Learn more about how Osler is providing innovative health care delivered with compassion.

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